Our Quality Approach

Follow our steps to success

In Sutunam, we have chosen to perpetuate a business management on a human scale in order to maintain our responsiveness and efficiency. Nevertheless it is very easy, flexible and inexpensive to learn, train and adapt to new technology and new market trends. We respect all the work and achievement in IT world, our team can therefore evolve and take turns rapidly. That is a tremendous asset which supports Sutunam in its quality control procedures and tools.

Our quality Procedure

In stead of complicated process, we have chosen simple tools to share information among collaborators and with clients.
“The information collected and shared freely allows all our employees, regardless of their rank (new comer, project manager or expert), to know and decide. We set standards for the preparation of projects by taking into account the existing goals, plans and choices from our collabs. Other procedures is to take over the management of the project with great importance on communication with clients. Our collaborative tools let you apply effective working methods for project management (versioning, Agile Scrum, milestones, tickets, wiki…)

Without difficulty, we regularly update to improve through satisfaction questionnaires and ratings. However, we always maintain a single goal: To improve the quality of our services and our communication throughout”

Why do we follow this approach?

The aim is to improve the quality of our services and solutions offered to our customers by applying this in-house method. We are able to:
– improve the monitoring of our projects
– promote full transparency and open communication with our cutomers
– ensure quality standardized codes of our solutions
– secure the date of receipts and deliveries
– reduce the number of bugs
– share information, minimize the unknown and allow our emplyees to get involved in the functional aspects of the projects

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