How to create an e-Commerce website?

From conception to completion, through the functionality of your shop, our team us will make every effort to walk you through the procedure with a strategic and technical support.

1. Project analysis and consultation

– Consulting on your catalog, your products, your market, competition …
– Consulting on the purpose of the website, its target, its profitability, the financial resources to invest …
– Consulting on the desired autonomy to manage your online store

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Always available at your service, our agency is committed to listen to your needs and to keep up with communication during consultation and project management.

From these discussions we will be able to choose an Open Source e-Commerce solution that is most suitable to your demands and objectives, to define the features and specifications for your project, to integrate, develop and define together a timeline and the commitments for each step.

2. Design concept

– Choose and register a domain name
– Development of a visuality
– Development of an editorial charter

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Register, renewal, transfer domain names (.com .net .org .biz .com .eu .tv .asso), we help you register for the right choices strategically.

Your website is your company’s image, this is why our experienced team of graphic designers will offer adapted graphics with consistency for you to validate before moving to development. We will support you with attractive designs that highlight your products and your business while maximizing ergonomics. We use highly interactive technologies (video, zoom, 3D modeling…) to showcase your catalog and bost your sales

Remember that the quality of your website also depends on the quality of its content, which will be advised be us to follow certain rules and keywords for the best search engine optimization (SEO)

3. Development

– CMS integration, website and modules development
– Graphic integration
– Catalog import

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We develop websites based on the well-recognized Open Source e-Commerce solutions. We integrate the store and its various elements (graphics, modules and extensions) to make it fit and meet your expectations.
In order to match your expectations, our team also develop tailored tools and extensions by analyzing your product catalog, your expectations, your clients and your teams -> Discover our offer of Custom Development.

We automate the import of your products. We have developed a solution that allows you to import thousands of products almost instantly with all their attributes (size, weight, dimensions …).

All our ecommerce shops are naturally optimized for search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).
They are accessed through any browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, etc.) or any operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux) to ensure maximum visibility.

4. Configuration and connection

– Installation and configuration of payment systems
– Installation and configuration followed by deliveries
– Connections from your ERP and CRM to your shop
– Testing / debugging
– Hosting

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It doesn’t matter which banks you choose to work with, all payment systems installed by Sutunam are extremely secured. We also advise you on the various settlement solutions with the best price / quality ratio, while ensuring maximum security.

We connect the website to your supply chain to manage them (picking, shipping and transport, tractability and monitoring of packages). Our team can also advise you on the various carriers and their services (price, catchment area, modality and delivery times …).

If you already have a CRM or ERP, we can connect it to the eCommerce platform and provide instant communication among your various tools.

Sutunam agrees to correct any malfunction of your site, in accordance with specifications, even after the delivery of your site in its production environment.

If you already have a hosting, you want to keep, or just host your website at the host of your choice, our team will install the content management system directly from it.
-> Discover our hosting offers

5. Training and delivery

– Provide a website manual for users
– CMS tools training
– Deliver the website in production server

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Your website is only useful if you can easily use it, feed it and edit it. Your users are visitors, contributors and administrators who will be able to exploit all the features of your site without any prior technical knowledge.

To do this, we include in the delivery of the website a clear and specific documentation for your solution. This is accompanied by one or more training sessions in the handling of the administration panel (back office) of your site.

6. Monitoring

– Push the website online
– Statistics and objectives
– Maintain, energize and encourage positive users behavior
– Multiply marketplaces (Google MarketPlace, Rue du Commerce …)
– Maintenance (new content and modules, corrections, continuous quality improvement)

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With detailed statistics, you can study the activity of your site with advanced reporting. Learn about your site and your visitors with the progression of visits and sales, shopping means, best sellers, the course of your visitors, and achieve your goals. Finally, you can:
– Optimize route users
– Increase conversion rates
– Increase the value of the average basket
– Retain customers
– Drive sales (presenting the best sales, cross-selling or cross-selling …)

Our teams are available with an innovative strength, even after the launch of your shop. We can propose, develop and manage your social networks, marketing campaigns, email marketing, service, contests and Facebook campaign, Twitter … in order to enlarge your community, loyalty and boost sales.