Our objectives & values

Meet our core principals


Sutunam aims to become a partner of leading qaulity in the consulting and IT services focused on Open Source. With a strict process to ensure quality and constant updates, we are your expert partner for development and high-quality services at the right price and punctuality, regardless of your industry or location.

We are involved in every project to ensure that customers are supported with the best skills from our expertise. Combined with full transparency, we are pro-active, responsive and able to adapt to multiple demands of our clients in an ever-changing IT environment.


There are a number of values that we hold to transcribe our culture and guide us in our decisions to meet the mentioned objectives:


Sutunam grows in our enthusiasm to undertake and support our families, customers and partners in their projects. There is always a taste of risk associated with our prudence and profession when taking on new challenges.

Transparency & Communication

We rely on the trust and loyalty of our clients by promoting the flow of information and conversation. All of our actions are transparent, hence allow our customers to track the progress of their projects, and to be informed of all details to make the right decision at the right time.


In a computing environment of constant change, the obsolete machinery has given its spotlight to new systems with more efficient technology. By constantly keep ourselves up to date, we take on new trends and master the Open Source solutions and services of tomorrow. Free to propose, innovate and highlight our expertise to best play our role as a strategic and technical adviser.

Efficiency & Quality

Our team is independent and free to manage their assigned projects. Therefore, we empower our employees and maximize productivity while maintaining our high quality standards => Check our our quality approach

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