Utility, ergonomics, and efficiency are all essential components for a good digital service design. However, the artistic direction and the emotions behind are just as decisive in convincing and impressing users.

Following the phases of strategic definition, of research on users and target audience, and the phase of functional specifications, it is the turn to the artistic direction to enter the game. From the ergonomic design of screens to the creation of a brand’s digital visual territory, the objective is twofold: seduce and transform!


After having established the communication tone for your brand or service (for which we are also here ;)), we accompany you in the visual translation of your brand’s personality. Whether it is about creating a logo, a complete graphic charter, printed items, or the total design of the screens of your digital service (that is what we prefer!), our vision and experience are at your service. Imbued with your DNA and with the sole objective of your success in mind, we give free rein to our creativity in order to make you unforgettable.

Artists vs. Designers

Being able to draw an artistic vision from the depths of the creative reflection and knowing how to materialize it to conveys an emotionally charged story – that is great! However, channeling and taming this vision to ensure that it is in line with consumers’ expectations is another story :). But that is precisely what we do! In fact, that is what distinguishes an artist from a designer. We shape our artistic reflection to guarantee its compatibility with the technical constraints of our professions and make them accessible to as many people as possible. Differentiating ourselves while remaining accessible – this is our daily challenge!

Whether it concerns the creation of a visual identity or a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) modeling, the emotional dimension is essential to convince your target. Therefore, as we move forward with you on your project, we also accompany you on its aesthetic and ergonomic aspects. All these keys and subtleties of the visual codes will allow you to differentiate from the competition. In fact, designing a beautiful graphic charter that you could not exploit is not something we go for ;). We instead focus on efficiency to construct a visual story that guarantees you a long-term usage!

Creation of Visual Identity

Creating a logo for your service or business is important (and you know it, or you would not be on our site ^^), however, just exploiting the visual identity of a brand is not all! Therefore, we take a step further when defining the brand image, and provide the necessary means to reinforce and expand its influence:

  • Logotype Creation
  • Mood board
  • Iconography
  • Visual Territory definition
  • Graphic Charter
  • Online & offline communication elements
  • Brand Guidelines

User Interface and Interactivity

With you and our UX team, we create efficient interfaces that meet your business objectives as well as the users’ expectations. Based on an iterative approach, our working method focuses on agility and design thinking (test & learn) to ensure flexibility and responsiveness in the design phase.

  • Iterative research and Design-based research
  • Team Briefing workshops
  • Ergonomic / Zoning / Wireframing
  • Graphic and Layout Design
  • Experiential and emotional design
  • Animate Scenario
  • Interactive prototype

Branded Content Design

As discussed earlier, creating a graphic identity is excellent, but being able to use it in a way that delivers as much impact is even better! We offer you to manage the formatting of your content and to work on the promotion of your services & products in order to optimize your brand attractiveness.

  • Photomontage
  • Illustration and Graphic design
  • Visual Animation
  • Promotional kit
  • Data visualization
  • Motion design

Artistic Direction but also…