Integrating design and bring a brand identity to life is not just a developer job. It is a key phase in a web project where the user experience is at the center of all concerns.

Even though the integration work is often overlooked as part of a project, it is absolutely necessary during the development or the redesign of a website. It is not graphic design as such, nor the development of pure functionality, but it is thanks to these front-end developers (developers of user interfaces via HTML, CSS, Javascript…) that a website comes to life.


Moreover, the performance of the front-end developers will have a direct impact on your business since their work is actually viewed by the users! Are the call-to-action statements clear? Does the website layout facilitate web browsing? Are the interactions and animations adequate to allow the brand to gain a proper foothold? So many questions that our integrators ask themselves every day to answer it positively and take the necessary care for each project.

Bringing the Interface to Life

Landing on a website and plunging into a visual universe that does not leave you indifferent, being embarked in an interactive experience where the interface seems to be alive and responding to each of your interactions, discovering an innovative browsing system that simply makes you want to continue your visit… Here are a few examples of considerations that our web designers and integrator incorporate into their work!

Nowadays, in order to build a website that will engrave a positive memory on the minds of your users (because yes, our pride is that they remember you and come back to your site ^^) does not only require a good concept, an appealing visual identity, or remarkable content. What’s more, is the ability of web designers team and integrators to combine these different components, based on the UX vision, artistic, and functional vision, to deliver interfaces that provide rich and memorable experiences. Fast page display, innovative and animated browsing, accessibility and SEO optimization are, among others, key elements for the success of a web project.

HTML Structure & Architecture

The architecture of your HTML pages has important consequences on the behavior of your interfaces. Thus, our team of integrators takes particular care to optimize it as much as possible in order to guarantee fast loading times. The structuring process of HTML tags also has a direct impact on the website visibility on search engines.

  • Grid system layout
  • “Mobile first” integration
  • Responsive design
  • SEO practice integration
  • Performance optimization
  • Browser compatibility

Designing Interaction & Animations

Beyond dealing with the basic structure of HTML, the expertise of our integrators is likewise reflected in the interaction design process. It is our ability to interpret the mock-ups and bring them to life that will make your site provide a unique and immersive user experience.

  • Animation effects
  • On-boarding (interactive tutorial)
  • Scrolling animations
  • Page transition effects and animation
  • Hover and click states animation
  • Form interactions

Open Source Integration

Nowadays, it is crucial for businesses to be able to manage a website independently. Being able to have a site that you have complete control over and that will be ready to support future developments is essential.
As experts of various open source solutions, our team considers the core of each platform to guarantee these conditions.

  • Custom template for page creation
  • Customization of the administration panel
  • Content management system with graphical elements integration
  • Multi-language integration
  • Automate displaying information (pages / block)

Webdesign but also…