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To ensure our availability, responsiveness and real knowledge of markets, Sutunam was established on two continents: Asia and Europe.

With the economic downturn in Europe and North America and the acceleration in development in Southeast Asia countries, Sutunam opened its first branch in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam in 2010. At this point, Vietnam is going through a booming population and economic growth. Good channels of education and access to the latest technologies have made Vietnam a popular destination for investors and entrepreneurs.

Sutunam Vietnam is located at the crossroads of big cities such as Saigon, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo.

TANGUY RAMBAUD – Managing Director (EN|FR)

156 Xa Dan II, Dong Da, Hanoi, VIETNAM

(04) 3573 9741




Located on the 9th district of Lyon, our team is working in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region. Known as an ideal for large companies, and even young start-ups, the city offers an ideal living environment, with operating costs lower than in the capital while ensuring access to the best facilities and technologies.

Sutunam France is nearby different metropolises such as Paris France, Marseille, Bordeaux, Montpellier and its European neighbors such as Switzerland, Spain or Italy.

Christophe Denuzière – Co-founder

24 avenue Joannes Masset 69009 Lyon, FRANCE

04 82 53 31 75



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