An e-commerce for luxury watches in mind? Think about Cresus!
Simon, Project Manager is a boutique store specialised in the purchase and sale of luxury and second-hand articles as few as watches, jewellery and accessories. Number #1 on the second hand luxury watches market, one of the main goals of the team was to strengthen its position online.

Freshen up the brand

Increase the conversion rate
Improve the checkoup process and its reliability. Reduce abandoned cart and remind pending actions.
Maintain a high level of performance
Set up a full-cache system based on Nginx and server optimization.
Ensure connection to external software
Send data via Actito API service and request all products details from ERP and CRM.
Develop custom features
Develop recurring alerts for product availability and product booking system.

Strengthen & Diversify E-services

The graphical interface was completely redesigned into a new responsive version to suit new consumption behaviors such as mobility (smartphones and tablets) and evolve with the latest e-commerce standards. Everything creating an optimized user experience with a smooth navigation.

The new version of the website takes center stage in the Cresus’ omni-channel strategy since it highlights the different stores and the ‘Click & Collect’ services. It allows customers to order products online and then pick it up or try it out in nearby stores.

An eCommerce platform optimized for conversion rate and leads capture
An eCommerce platform optimized for conversion rate and leads capture

Migrate and upgrade on Magento.

Optimize and increase of the conversion rate.

Manage related products.

Search & filter customization via Admin extension.

Custom merchandising.

Develop a 360 zoom and custom product zoom.

Connect and manage physical stores with their respective customer leads.

Search optimization with auto completion and results displayed by categories.

Optimize speed loading page, and reduce loading times

Regular as clockwork

brand new features
Product booking, loyalty program, weekly alerts, request transferring and more!
Boosted performance speed to maximize User eXperience.
Net sales
A great conversion rate!
years of collaboration
A long-term commitment from our team.