An ultra connecting website optimized for performance
Simon luaire
With a rapidly growing number of players, 3x3 is the rising discipline of Basketball. That is why the French federation of basketball (FFBB) requested us to develop a community platform to promote the discipline and gather its followers. Organisation of game sessions, community management and registration to official tournaments - everything is there!

Create a connected and powerful web platform

The FFBB wanted to set up a platform dedicated to 3×3 basketball. This would allow the federation to structure its basketball offer, promote its development through its affiliated clubs but also to bring together players of all kinds.

Since the clients’ specific request included both E-Commerce and community aspect, we naturally turned to Symfony, which allows great flexibility in terms of functionality and robustness.

The result is an interconnected platform with many services (FIBA, FFBB, Stripe, Open Street Map), which maintains high performance and user smooth experience.

Streamlined user experience with Vue.js.

Integration and synchronization with several third-party APIs: FIBA, FFBB etc.

Preferential use of Open Source Technologies: Symfony frameworks and API Platform.

Integration of a map service, map display and geocoding, based on Open Street Map.

Payment system implementation via Stripe.

One-signal interface and management of multi-device notifications.