An intuitive and powerful tool for managing product information.
Simon, Project Manager
CSV, XML, JSON: the homogeneity of the data format provided by Autobonplan's partners is often seen as a utopia. But how to build your eCommerce catalog from multiple sources? Headache solved for Autobonplan thanks to a product flow management tool made in Sutunam!

Supply a product catalogue of + 3000 vehicles

The retrieval of products flows from Autobonplan partners via various interfaces (FTP, REST API) and various formats (XML, JSON, CSV) was made possible thanks to the PIM. In order to harmonize the flows generated at the output, the tool offers a data processing system via mapping and scripts.

Then we recovered a homogeneous feed of products that can be imported, anywhere, to supply the catalogue of the Ecommerce solution: here it’s a Magento :) And if a car is missing with its image product? No problem! The PIM allows your to configure default images set according to criteria defined by the administrator: make, model; colour, etc… A Dozen of cases dealt with a main solution: the PIM!

To learn more about our tool, it’s here!

Feed management for + 3000 products.

Multiple format: JSON, XML and CSV.

Connection FTP native and API REST

Data homogenization via rules defined in the back-end administration interface.

Flow monitoring and notification system.

Application of image batches according to specific criteria.

Advanced processing via JS scripts.