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New Viet Dairy


December 2015


Wordpress, UX UI design

New Viet Dairy is one of the biggest distributor for Global players in food industry. In order to be even more influential, they have decided to revamp their website with Sutunam. Hence, a new corporate site was designed and developed to showcase their scale, and emphasize on their B2B business model.

1. Design

Following the trendiest style yet, the UI design is mainly illustrated with fullscreen pictures along with minimal details, enough to catch viewer’s attention to click. Clean line and fonts balance out the colorful food images. Original set of icons represents different categories of products and distribution channels. A little hint of sketchy graphic appear here and there for a friendly and approachable feel.

2. Technique

For corporate identity, WordPress seems to be top solution for its easy-tailored front-end and flexible back-end. The platform is one of the most powerful CMS for content and light to combine with html5 for fancy effects.

For the front, we use parallax scrolling that not only entertains the eyes, but also is able to deliver all the needed content. This technique is disable in responsive display for best loading result. One of the trickiest part is to design a good UX for Food Service page so that it can showcase their hundreds of products in a good loading time manner. With the current layout, it is very easy to view the structure of products New Viet provides customers in this business unit. Clear hierarchy with the help of owl carousel makes it super convenience for users to browse through products.

For the backend, WordPress is upgraded to the latest version for security purpose. We have installed multiple plug-ins and extension to meet the needs of clients. The website is optimized to be search-engine friendly, with the active sub-domain for English language to make two content-quality sites.