The 5 steps to a great website

Simple yet effective

1. Consultation & project management

– Consulting on the purpose of the website, its target, its profitability, the financial resources to invest, etc.
– Consulting on the desired publications and updates autonomy content
– Consulting on the content: pages, expected services, navigation principles and information architecture

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Always available at your service, our agency is committed to listen to your needs and to keep up with communication during consultation and project management
From these discussions we will be able to choose a content management solution (CMS) that is most suitable to your demands, to define the features and specifications for your project, to integrate, develop and define together a timeline and the commitments for each step.

2. Design concept

– Choose and register a domain name
– Development of a visuality
– Development of an editorial charter

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Register, renewal, transfer domain names (.com .net .org .biz .com .eu .tv .asso), we help you register for the right choices strategically.

Your website is your company’s image, this is why our experienced team of graphic designers will offer adapted graphics with consistency for you to validate before moving to development

Remember that the quality of your website also depends on the quality of its content, which will be advised be us to follow certain rules and keywords for the best search engine optimization (SEO)

3. Development

– CMS integration, website and modules development
– Graphic integration
– CMS installation
– Testing/ Debugging
– Hosting

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We develop websites based on the well-recognized content management solutions. We integrate the CMS and its various elements of graphics, modules and extensions to make it fit and meet your expectations.
In order to match your expectations, we analyze your needs, your target and your team and then focus on developing tools and extensions to make the website customizable only for you. -> Discover our offer Custom Development
Our websites are naturally optimized for search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).
They are accessed through any browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, etc.) or any operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux) to ensure maximum visibility

Sutunam guarantees to solve any malfunction of your site in accordance with its spcifications, even after the delivery or during the production environment.

If you already have a hosting, or you want to host your site at a location of your choice, our team is able to install the CMS directly from it. -> Discover our hosting and managing server offers

4. Training and delivery

– Provide a website manual for users
– CMS tools training
– Deliver the website in production server

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Your website is only useful when you can easily make any content editing. Whether your users are visitors, contributors or administrators, your team will be able to manage all the features of the site without any prior technical knowledge.
In order to do this, we include in the delivery of the website a clear and specific guide to the solutions Sutunam provides. This is also accompanied by one or more training sessions, the handling of the administration panel (backoffice) of your site.

5. Monitoring

– Launching website
– Statistics and targets
– Maintenance (new content and modules, corrections, continuous quality improvement)