Of course we love designing digital services. But what we love the most is creating solutions that transform, that create emotion. Integrate your users into the design allows you to aim right and guarantee efficiency and innovation.

Beyond the aesthetic and artistic aspects of a digital project, what further defines the design of a service is its ability to improve daily life and to generate a memorable memory, an emotion, a positive experience.


The primary concerns in the design phase must be the anticipation, the knowledge on the context, and the understanding of the users needs. This is how the effectiveness of a digital project emerges and how it becomes a success. We design your digital services, with you, with the aim of creating value for your users, developing the affect for your brand and not leaving them indifferent. This user-centered approach enables us to identify and develop the right levers to tackle your projects and thus, ensure your return on investment.

A vision aimed at your target

Since user seduction is the most significant factor in the success of a digital project, we accompany you throughout the entire project process – from the development of a digital strategy to the artistic direction of your brand. Our multidisciplinary and cross-functional expertise in UX (User eXperience) design is provided for you to ensure the relevance of the solution implemented throughout its design.

But let’s be honest: depending on the project, it is not always necessary to put all these measures into effect. Indeed, our experience proves that each project is highly specific. We therefore define, with you, the suitable and required levers, according to the user interests and the value they will bring to the service and to your company. We offer you a vision adapted to your business and aimed at a single outcome: to be etched on the minds of your users ;).

User Research and Analysis

Research phase is THE crucial phase when talking about UX design. In line with the working methods, also called ‘design thinking’ process (a methodology that encourages research, hypothesizing, and brainstorming). This step enables you to identify users’ profiles and their expectations, as well as all the necessary actions to achieve objectives. Here are some steps of the user research and analysis phase: 

  • Online survey
  • Data Analytics (Analytics)
  • Targeted customer interview
  • UX Benchmark
  • Team Briefing
  • Personas
  • User Story

UX Design

Following the collection of data from the target users, comes the design and the brainstorming phase – the creative aspect we cherish so much ^^. The objective here is to work out different solutions based on the collected data in order to generate and develop new ideas and thus, bring a dose of innovation to the service.

  • Brainstorming / collaborative workshops
  • Architecture definition
  • Flow charts
  • System Architecture / Zoning / Wire-framing
  • Informational displaying architecture
  • Graphic Design and Layout Design
  • Interactive Prototypes

User Testing

In order to validate the assumptions made, and ensure their relevance and their viability, we perform phases of user testing. In line with the Agile methodology, it is wise to work iteratively to present a solution to users, adapt it according their feedback and improve the initial solution. This phase is essential to orientate the development of the service towards THE ideal solution.

  • A/B Testing
  • Qualitative user Testing
  • Focus groups Tests
  • Online Tests
  • Web Tracking
  • Guerrilla usability Testing

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