A site at the service of engineering and technology
Guillaume, Project Manager
For almost a century Crouzet is one of the most successful manufacturers of automation components. Following the acquisition of several brands, the group asked us to bring together all their know-how under one single site, whether in the aerospace, transport, energy, building or machinery sectors.

Performances and technologies

Improve the user experience
Gather technical know-how in a single website, optimized and designed to answer the user's need.
Facilitate the overall administration of the site
Accompany Crouzet in the administration and management of their site to achieve total autonomy.
Stand out from the crowd in a competitive world
Differentiate your company through digitization is also applicable in these highly technical B2B industries!
Redesign the site in an optimal way
Modernize the company's image while effectively presenting and highlighting its various product lines.

Simple management, rich content

Activities and domains operated by Crouzet are distinguished by their requirements, as close as possible to high technology, both industrial and innovative. While web solutions and digital techniques are constantly evolving, we wanted to make the most of the best of these worlds by producing a web interface that meets the expectations of customers and users.

The interface developed under a WordPress base exploits integration and design techniques that are efficient, fluid and interactive at the same time. Despite the wealth of information that is the strength of Crouzet’s solutions, the browsing and experience designed for the user are dynamic and personalized, fast and intuitive.

The content manager also needed to be pushed towards optimization, by accompanying the client and its administrators towards simplified management. This has been made possible thanks to the integration of tools that help with writing, organizing media and documents. Because a company at the cutting edge of technology must recruit the geniuses of tomorrow, we have also gone one step further by offering a management tool for Human Resources, careers and job offers.

Technical & graphic redesign towards high standards.
Technical & graphic redesign towards high standards.
Agile project management, write technical specifications.
A responsive and optimized user flow on any device, desktop, tablet & mobile.
Development and technical choices designed for performance and security.
Customer support in content management and administration tools.
Respect of semantic and SEO standards to promote an optimal positioning.