Le Petit Olivier

PWA, an innovative springboard with no limits!
Dahouya, Project Manager
La phocéenne de cosmétique is a French SME from Salon de Provence. Brand leader in the world of beauty, it has been 7 years that Le Petit Olivier trusts us to accompany them. To respond to the new image of the brand, we have chosen a solution that includes innovative and daring: a PWA.

User Centric but not only...

Improving UX with a modern interface
Develop the attractive power of the site with a refined, attractive and interactive visual identity.
Develop advanced e-commerce actions
Optimize page ergonomics and services to increase conversions.
Deal with solution obsolescence
Overcome an ageing base and develop an independent and scalable interface.
Increase conversion rate on mobile devices
Benefit from the native advantages of an optimized PWA on all devices.
Mockup PWA Le Petit Olivier

Innovative PWA transformation

Develop a mobile application and a web application at the same time? Yes, it’s possible, thanks to Progressive Web Apps. These applications are optimized for all types of devices and web browsers.
The term “progressive” means that the content is downloaded as you browse, making it possible to access the store without an Internet connection!

No limit, the PWA has allowed the development of an interface independent of Magento system and replicable for other projects. Advantages are various: availability of the service even with a weak connection, modern language based on an Open Source library, significant performance gain with a faster loading than a traditional site, fluidity of navigation as on a native app …
In addition, the number of visits increased, the bounce rate decreased and the conversion rate increased.

As official Vuestorefront partner, we were keen to bring all our know-how to this project.

A modern brand experience , under the sign of performance!
A modern brand experience , under the sign of performance!

Workshop and definition of the functional perimeter

Project management in SCRUM agility, split into 14 sprints

Ergonomic prototyping and optimisation of the user experience

Graphic and artistic direction with digitalization of the brand positioning

A responsive and optimized path on all devices (desktop, tablet & mobile devices)

Implementation of the PWA architecture

Integration of third party modules (Elastic Search server, …)

Search Engines Optimization and respect of SEO standards

Customer support in the management and administration of the solution

In a few figures ...

Loading time / page
Preloaded contents stored in the browser's cache, it's inevitably faster!
+ 70%
Pages browsed / day
An optimized design and a pleasant navigation, users take pleasure in visiting the site!
Mobile users
A site thought mobile, obviously it seduces more users so potential customers ;)
+ 40%
Barely 16 days after going online, Le Petit Olivier sees its number of transactions increase