Let's 72/78 shine through all its medium and media!
Chris, Artistic Director
The contemporary print! 72/78 is an amazing contemporary printing company, which does not only print remarkable media of all kinds but also accompanies its clients on their entire printing strategy. The team of 72/78 chose us to inject creativity into their brand image.

How we lift up 72/78's identity

Reposition the brand and its DNA
Put in the spotlights all 72/78 services and their skills coming with.
Create a new visual territory
Update and modernize the perception of 72/78 services with new and modern graphics.
Create custom media to make the difference
Develop new graphical charters with the full package: website, stickers, car wraps vinyl, and more...
Highlight customer satisfaction
Develop a customer review system to bring out customers' satisfaction.

The Art to stand (out)

72/78 is the perfect fusion between Numerix & Contrast. Both entities are well-known printing companies that decided to join their force to meet all today’s printing challenges. To do so, 72/78 has developed a wide range of services, from support, to small and large format prints, panels, stands, photo shooting and more. 72/78 is more than just a printing company and come with a full services package.

Throughout our collaboration, we assisted Sebastien, 72/78 CEO, in his brand identity transition to highlight this wide panel of activities. We applied our respective know-how, and redesigned the visual codes of the brand in order to fit with all the brand’s media: offices and stores, car wraps, stationery, website, and more…

Create visual identity matching with brand ambitions
Create visual identity matching with brand ambitions

Define new visual identity and its graphic codes (visual territory, iconography, typography, layout).

Design tree architecture and write down the website contents to develop the mesh between pages, Search Engine Optimizaion and highlight the service.

Deliver an improved User Interface for better conversation rate helped with business philosophy highlights and clients’ testimonials.

Integrate the creative design to stimulate the online experience.

Design the front window displays of 72/78 office and wrap their cars.

Design the full media pack: flipbook, motion video, brochure, and more…

Good impressions!

Page views
Visitors discovers the wide range of service from 72/78 and are curious about them!
Time spent on mobile
With a "mobile first" strategy, users are willing to stay longer on the site.
Access to contact page
Get more contact leads is the sinews of war. Successful challenge on lead generation!
Loading time
Code quality, standard and content management practices get the user experience smooth.