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NShape Fitness Application


After the successful launch of new NShape website, the fitness center doesn’t want to stop there. As their digital partner, Sutunam has developed and published the lifestyle application that supports every aspect of achieving a healthy workout and diet circle. The app is available on Android and IOS

1. Design

We decide to give a fresh and modern look to the application while enhancing its corporate identity. Icons are customized in retina style. The fact that they are quite self-explanatory gives users a friendly and easy-to-use feeling. The app is aimed to improve convenience and accessibility for NShape’s members. Therefore, we created a tool on Schedule function for looking up classes is the most used activity. Left menu bar is reachable anywhere with a slight slide. Overall, the app’s navigation gives a simple yet effective UX.

2. Technique and Support

– UX | UI design for app
– Develop database and API: admin can change update data for mobile app easily from corporate website backoffice
– Swipe screen to have an access to Free-trial pass form
– Configure register/login gateway for members to access
– Push notification: inform users about latest news, promotion, birthday, anniversary…
– Develop a “favorite” classes system with push notifications before favorite classes start
– Support to make sure this heavily loaded images mobile app can run fast and smoothly

The application is acting as an effective tool to keep NShape’s members on track with their gym schedule. Nowadays, digital support is one of the best way to go about marketing your products as well as keeping your customers happy.



NShape Fitness


December 2015


UI, UX design, Android App