Crafting timeless trade tools with Symfony!
Guillaume, Chef de projets
Cresus, a leader in luxury watch trading, teamed up with us for a big tech upgrade. We developed a Symfony-based middleware, serving as the backbone for their pre-owned watch business. This custom solution, vital for streamlining second-hand watch transactions, includes a robust backoffice. It offers an advanced API for seamless e-commerce integration, enhancing customer interactions. Our ETL solution centralized product data and stock locations, demonstrating our commitment to tech-driven retail innovation and strengthening our multi-year collaboration with Cresus.

Watch trading reimagined with Symfony & PWA

Building Symfony Middleware
Developed a Symfony backoffice system for efficient business management, streamlining client requests and rare item stock tracking.
Innovating Stock Alert System
Established an advanced alert system for immediate, accurate notifications on the availability of rare luxury watches.
Creating Smart Pricing Algorithm
Implemented a sophisticated algorithm to accurately calculate and suggest optimal pricing for luxury watches based on market trends.
Integrating PWA for eCommerce
Enhanced the online shopping experience significantly by seamlessly integrating a user-friendly Progressive Web App.
Cresus Symfony mockup

Orchestrating a Digital Retail Evolution

In our latest project with Cresus, the luxury watch experts, we built on our past success of creating their Magento online shop. This time, we focused on taking their digital game to the next level.

Our main task? Developing custom software with the Symfony PHP framework. We made a system that keeps all their product info, stock levels, orders, and customer details perfectly in sync. This was key to keeping their database spot on and making business decisions easier.

We also added a handy click-and-collect feature for shoppers and prepared the groundwork for a future Progressive Web App that’ll work seamlessly with their Magento PWA online store. Our special API made sure customers get the latest info on pricing, what’s in stock, and alerts when rare watches become available.

This project wasn’t just about the tech. It was about continuing our strong partnership with Cresus, helping them stay ahead in the digital world. We’re proud to be part of their journey, combining our tech skills with their expertise in luxury watches.

Luxury time revolution with tech Innovations
Luxury time revolution with tech Innovations

Using a custom Symfony PHP framework to power sophisticated software solutions.

Enhancing online performance with custom features developed from years of e-commerce expertise.

Implementing an alert system for instant stock availability notifications on rare luxury items.

Implementing a sophisticated algorithm to accurately calculate and suggest optimal pricing,

Streamlining stock management by synchronizing with ERP, WMS, and store locator systems.

Developing a robust API for seamless integration of Magento VueStoreFront PWA, enhancing the e-commerce interface.

Providing expert consulting for Business Intelligence middleware, centralizing e-commerce operations.