Carré Blanc

Dreaming big with Magento & Hyva for the bedding leader!
Guillaume, Project Manager
For over 30 years, Carré Blanc has been a standout in household linen, known for quality and unique designs. As they looked to migrate from Magento 1 to the more robust Magento 2, they trusted our expertise again, targeting top frontend performance with Hyvä. The magic didn't stop there. Our tailor-made ETL, built on Symfony, played a pivotal role, orchestrating a seamless synchronization of data across the board.

Empowering E-commerce Excellence

Strengthening and upgrading with Magento 2
Leveraging the latest in Magento 2 for a secure, feature-rich online experience.
Boosting Performance with Hyvä
Elevate site speed and response times by integrating cutting-edge Hyvä technology.
Aligning ERP, PIM, and OMS Flows
Synchronize business processes for efficient data flow between key operational systems.
Enhancing Checkout with UX/UI Refinement
Designing an intuitive checkout, blending form and function for smooth transactions.
Carre Blanc revamp 2023

No Resting on Laurels

At the heart of this ambitious project was the vision to position Magento 2 as the central hub in Carré Blanc’s eCommerce ecosystem. Right from the outset, our team meticulously planned the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, ensuring a seamless transition without compromising data integrity or user experience.

The checkout flow underwent a transformative UX/UI redesign. With an objective to reduce cart abandonment rates, we optimized every step, ensuring a seamless journey from cart addition to final payment. This rejuvenated design, enhanced by Hyvä for standout front-end performance, was backed by the power of Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS, ensuring a responsive and dynamic interface for users.

Beyond the user-centric front, we orchestrated the back-end. Our ETL solution took center stage, masterfully synchronizing products, stock, orders, and user data. This mechanism ensures database reliability and error-free data exchanges. We integrated key third-party systems: CEGID’s ERP, Octipas’ OMS, and QUABLE’s PIM. While Elasticsearch and Algolia worked in tandem to provide rapid and accurate search functionalities. Further enhancing the omnichannel experience was the store locator API, providing a seamless bridge between Carré Blanc’s online presence and physical outlets.

Want to see our earlier work with Carré Blanc? Take a look at our first project: Carré Blanc’s Magento Makeover. Our latest work just proves we’re always pushing to make Carré Blanc shine online.

Weaving tech into comfort. Dream big, rest on innovation!
Weaving tech into comfort. Dream big, rest on innovation!

Migrating from Magento 1 to the enhanced Magento 2.

Customizing features, drawing on years of eCommerce insight, for peak Magento 2 performance.

Unveiling the “Bedding Set Configurator” module for a bespoke buying experience.

Enhancing user experiences with a Hyvä integrated Magento 2 front-end.

Ensuring fluid navigation across devices – from mobiles to desktops.

Establishing real-time sync between Magento and ERP, CRM, PIM, OMS, and store locators.

Centralizing data workflows using a singular, efficient ETL.

Elevating search capabilities with both Elasticsearch and Algolia integrations.

Refining the checkout process through meticulous UX/UI and artistic direction.

Streamlining backend checkout, enabling transparent omnichannel pick-up options.

Supercharging frontend speeds and responsiveness with Hyvä optimization.