e-Commerce Open Source Solutions

Discover the solutions for your online shop

The free eCommerce solutions creates an eCommerce site to ensure its management. From these solutions you can manage your product catalog, customize your store (graphics and ergonomics), provide an efficient sales tunnel (cart, shipping, taxes and methods of payment) and ensure its operation (orders, marketing campaign emailing, customer relations, sales events …).

Why should you choose Open Source solutions?

At Sutunam we make the choice to create your eCommerce sites from recognized Open Source solutions while managing for the following reasons:

– Non-dependence or low dependence on a programmer (you are free)
– A significant number of integrated features originally (catalog, analysis and reporting, accounts …)
– An open technical environment, robust, quality and modular (new modules)
– The possibility of developing functions that meet your specific needs
– Easy to integrate with your information system (ERP, CRM, CMS …)
– A sustainability recognized by a large community of developers, providers, partners and customers
– These solutions are written in PHP and based on one (or more) base(s) of SQL data. PHP is favored specially for its big amount of libraries that when accompany with MySQL and jQuery/Ajax will produce very dynamic pages.

The solutions that we utilize

More and more companies are moving away from proprietary solutions and are turning to Open Source solutions for e-Commerce. A growing trend in France with the arrival of essential solutions are Magento, PrestaShop and lately, Drupal Commerce.

We carry a selection of the best solutions on the market according to several criteria which we are attached to after several years of technological intelligence, experience and contributions to the world of Open Source. We focus on the sustainability of solutions, the quality of their community, their ability to evolve and their safety. At Sutunam we recommend working on:
E-Commerce web design based on Magento
E-Commerce web design based on Prestashop

Which solution is for you?

Our specialist team will support you to select the e Commerce solution that is best suited to your needs. We determine the solution using an analysis of the existing of your business, a consultation based on many criteria such as: the volume of your product catalog, your market, your customers, financial resources, etc. . -> Discover the stages of consulting