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It was 2007 when Drupal was becoming a compelling solution for creating websites. It was not until 3 years later, in 2010, most of the major accounts in Europe turned their websites to Drupal such as Alcatel Lucent, Societe Generale, PPR or Carrefour. Sutunam specializes in creating Drupal website in order to offer its high quality performance, scalable, easy usage and management with high long-term value.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a CMS (Content Management System) Open Source written in PHP. Developed since 2000s, it has now reached a place in the top solutions by its multiple and non-stop improving functions. Drupal has outstood many major players such as WordPress or Joomla to win the top spot in Best Open Source PHP CMS category in England in 2009. This CMS is now used in every 50 websites. It enables the development of complex sites with many features and customized ergonomy. Drupal allows you to:
– Freely administrate your content (menus, blocks, comments,…)
– Manage the autorization of your user groups (groups, partial rights,…)
– Evolve your website in an environment of constant progression, robust and quality
– Optimize your SEO

Drupal, for who?

The Open Source CMS Drupal is intended primarily for large enterprises who need to update their site and accurately manage different user groups and their rights. They must have a well-designed and functional site in order to be updated to communicate regularly. Sutunam, specializing in website creation, chooses to use Drupal for its flexibility, performance and large active community (over 15,000 extensions are available to date)

Our references with Drupal

Through the use of Open Source CMS Drupal, Sutunam is able to adapt to all needs and satisfy all requests, even the most complicated ones. Forco, Alban Muller International, Charles Joguet are among many companies that have trusted us -> Find our references in details

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